Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silver Falls State Park - Hiking Trip

Yesterday, I took a seven-mile hike in Silver Falls State Park.  It is especially amazing in Winter because there is so much water feeding the falls.  The main hike is the Trail of Ten Falls/Canyon Trail.  As expected there are ten falls....actually, there are more at this time of year, including some with the trail actually going under the Falls.  Very much fun.  The picture above shows part of the group going under one.  Another fun thing was 187 steps in one area, with not much of a break in between several flights. I wish I'd taken a picture.  I went to their website to find one, and it isn't there.   I guess they don't want to scare you off!   We went up them--some us faster than others.

I went with the Chemeketans, who hike this trail often.  There were fourteen in the group.  We hiked the Canyon Trail, stopped at the Lodge for lunch where there was a roaring fire to warm up by.  Then we returned to the trailhead parking lot by a shorter and more even trail--the Rim Trail. 

More about the Canyon Trail is here: