Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hiking across the bridge to Anacostia

On Saturday, March 21, I hiked with about 15 other "urban hikers" across the Eleventh St bridge to Anacostia.  I took the Metro back, but most also hiked back.

Before leaving the Capitol Hill nighborhood, we stopped by the almost constructed Mormon Meeting House.

This building is just about a block from my house, and has been under construction for some time....since before I moved to Capitol Hill actually.  As it went up, it was an ugly cement structure and I was doubtful about how it would fit into the historical neighborhood.  I now think it looks pretty good.  Putting the brick facade on and the good windows really helped.  I am still a little concerned about it because parking is a huge issue in my neighborhood.  They have an underground parking lot, but it might not be as big as what is actually needed.  Time will tell.

We then went down toward the waterfront and crossed the Anacostia River by the 11th St Bridge.  There are big plans for this area, including some parks that would be built over the river,   As of now, there are two overlooks.  We chose the first one.  The Navy Yard and the central DC area is on one side of the River.

Looking East is ourdestination, the Anacostia Historical District, which is part of D.C.

Immediately after crossing the the bridge, we were in Anacostia.  It was developed as affordable housing and gained a lot of buyers after the Civil War.  Then, during the period known as the Great Migration, many African-Americans settled there after moving from the South, and it really expanded.  Most of the housing is row houses, and I took this picture of some well-known ones, known as Rosie's Row.  

From there, we hiked up to a beautiful home that was the residence of Frederick Douglass.  We didn't go on a tour, but did stop at the Visitor's Center.

I was amused that so many people have grasped Douglass' hand on the bronze statue that it is very polished.

From there, our plan was to hike up to a viewpoint in a park, but the trail didn't look very good.  We went up about a hundred yards, but turned back.   This is how it looked at the beginning, but it petered out.

Luckily, our leader Ed knew another good viewpoint that gives a great view of the Capitol Mall.  This viewpoint is near the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.   My picture was not very good, because the day was overcast.  I pulled this better picture from the internet.

I then went to the Anacostia Metro Station to go home, and separated from the rest of the group. I didn't see the most well-known Anacostia landmark, though I had seen it before.  It is the Big Chair.  This picture was also pulled from the internet

It was a great hike, and I was glad to be out with a good group from Capitol Hill Village.