Monday, September 19, 2011

Marianne Aya Omac..and Joan Baez

Last week at this time I was with my friend Sheryl getting ready for a concert in Mill Valley.  It was really quite a treat.  I had never heard of Marianne Aya Omac, but expect to hear more from her.  She has an extraordinary voice and accompanies herself on the guitar.  I cannot do justice to her in this short blog.  Of course, having Joan Baez as a special guest was the main draw.  You know she is good if Joan Baez supports her!   I was especially impressed that Joan Baez didn't sing her own songs, but supported this younger singer. They sang some duets, but it was mostly Marianne.  The songs were primarily in French (Marianne's native tongue) and  also in Spanish.  It was so beautiful, and included flamenco guitar and Marianne's special trumpet have to hear that to believe it.  It was a special treat....thanks to Sheryl!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

High School Reunion--Go SPARTANS!

Last weekend, I went to my high school class reunion.  Our school, San Juan High School is in Citrus Heights, CA....near Sacramento.  The reunion was great.  I connected with some "old" friends and made some new ones.  Our class was pretty big--over 500, so even then I didn't know everyone.  Plus, I am realizing it was pretty "cliquish"--people pretty much stayed with their own groups.The whole school is now about 600, so they have had what they call "enrollment decline."  

Saturday morning was a tour of the high school, which was amazing.  The gym, the auditorium, cafeteria and the lockers are still the same---after 50 years!!!!!  It really brought me back.  The lockers must have been painted, but they are still the same color.   A new curriculum has been added, though, and it is "state of the art," and will train students so they can get good-paying jobs right out of high school. There are special classrooms for tv and theater, auto shop, wood shop and culinary.  The tv room, for example, is an actual tv studio with several cameras, including one on tracks, and a control room.  The auto shop is more modern than the place I take my car!  The culinary wing includes a restaurant, which actually serves lunch to the faculty and public.  These are not your old "drama," "shop" and "home economics" classrooms.  They were dazzling.  Plus, the teachers have actually worked in the businesses they are teaching.   I'd go back if they'd let me.  
That tour was the highlight for me.  The rest of the events were a "mixer," a banquet, and a picnic.  The cake shown above is one of several at the banquet.

This is how I looked at age 17--my picture from the yearbook!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Italian Dinner with Jen

I'm in the Sacramento area now and had a rare treat last night...dinner with Jen at her neighborhood Italian restaurant, Pasquales.  She updated me on her teaching and her friends.  She is doing well and looks very happy, especially with a feast of good food before her!

I'm here for my 50th high school reunion.  San Juan High School class of 1961.  We are real "Golden Oldies."  Go Spartans!