Monday, August 22, 2011

Hiking at Timberline

Good Times on Saturday!   I hiked at timberline on Mt Hood.  Our hiking group gathered at Timberline Lodge.  If you look closely in the upper left-hand in the above picture of the Lodge, you can see the moon--a little white dot in this picture.  The Timberline Trail (part of the Pacific Crest Trail) leaves from Timberline Lodge and goes 2.2. miles to Zigzag Overlook, where there's an amazing view of Mt. Hood:

We could also see Mt. Jefferson in the distance:

The trees were not nearly that dark.  I had to make adjustments in my photo so that Mt. Jefferson would show up.  

It was beautiful and fun to be with friends from Good Times!  We were a little surprised to see snowdrifts covering the trail in several places.  The elevation is about 7000' and the hike is rated "easy."  It would have been easy-er without those snow patches!  The temperature was great.  We hiked back the same way we came in, for a total of 4.4 miles.   Lunch at Timberline Lodge was our reward before heading back to Portland.  

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