Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camp 18 for my Brithday

One thing I like to do to celebrate my birthday is to go to Camp 18, which is on the way to Gearhart.  What makes it especially fun is to go with artist friends and paint there.  And what makes that even better is going with special friends like Celeste, Carrie and Eileen.

The subjects to paint include a creek, a little bridge, general greenery and LOTS of old logging equipment.   We've done it several times.  The first part of the day is chattering on the drive over.  Actually, we chattered over coffee before even starting out.  When we get to Camp 18, we have breakfast in the huge dining room.  I got some great presents, including a sparkly "bachelorette" tiara.  That called for a picture, of course.  Carrie photoshopped the picture to say "sparkle" all around it and put it on Facebook..reminding me to sparkle.  The bottom part got cut off when I hijacked it from Facebook.

After the "celebration," we were treated to a watercolor demonstration by Carrie, which was great...though there was rain and she had to deal with some sprinkles on her painting.  I hope she does it again when there are more people present.  A lot of people thought it would be cancelled because of the rain.  We then painted machinery and buildings for awhile and Kathy Pugh joined us.  We hadn't seen her in some time, so that was nice.  It never did warm up, but we were warm and cozy with friends.....we had a surprise birthday cake and then came home.

What a nice day...and it wasn't even my birthday yet....that was the next day.


  1. Well, it was actually sunny on your real birthday. I couldn't believe how hard it rained on the drive home.

  2. That's so, Carrie. It was actually one of the worst I have ever driven in and you know how old I am, so there have been a lot! Well, I didn't let the rain ruin my parade.