Friday, March 4, 2016

"President Frank Underwood"

One of my favorite galleries, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, has paintings of all the Presidents.  Recently, it added one titled "Kevin Spacey as President Frank Underwood."  I saw this painting a few days ago, but this is the right day to blog it as season 4 of "House of Cards" is streaming starting today o n Netflix.

Frank Underwood's portrait isn't actually with the Presidential portraits, but it is right by the entrance to the museum.   It is large (6' x 6') and very impressive, though I am not too thrilled with how the right foot is cut off.  The style is interesting and has a lot of texture.  It was hard to take a picture of it because it is an oil painting under glass.

I was disappointed that the artist, Jonathan Yeo, is not American.  He is British .  He evidently likes Kevin Spacey, though, and also painted him as Richard III.  The Richard III painting is hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

The painting is 6' x 6' and is hung so that you feel Underwood is going to do one of his asides that are a trademark in the series.  Although it is on loan for now, the Museum is looking for a donor.

Meanwhile, in a strange twist, the famous Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington is not on display in the museum.  It is undergoing conservation treatment.  

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  1. I like the cut off foot because it seems like a natural entry to the painting. I also like all the abstract shapes throughout the work. I hope they find a donor, maybe Kevic Spacey!