Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Fun and More..Continued

July 15, Friday
Friday Night we all went to The Yards for what we thought was a "Truckapalooza" with lots of food trucks.  They were some, but not as many as we thought there should be.  (We later learned they were on a different street.)    All was not lost.  We got food from the trucks that we did find and, as always, found some fun things to do.  Here's Griffin playing toss ball:

There's lots of background action in this....I just wanted to show the ambiance of the event.  It looks like Griffin is throwing the wrong direction, but they had some targets set up in the other direction as well  and he was challenging himself. 

July 16, Saturday

Louisa and I got an opportunity to go to Hillwood Estates and Gardens, which was the home of Marjorie Merriweather Post, heiress of the Post fortune.  It was amazing.  She had SO much stuff!  Although it was kind of "over the top," it was fun to see her collections.  I had trouble limiting my pictures, but this is the dining room as it was set up for a family-related dinner to celebrate Dina Merrill's wedding.  Dina was Marjorie's third daughter and her legal name was Nadenia Hutton.  To give you an idea of the money involved, E.F. Hutton was her father. 

Marjorie Merriweather Post was married four times.  She had four glamourous weddings of her own and her mother and her daughters also had important weddings.  There was an exhibit of the wedding gowns and bridal party gowns in another building.  The exhibit covered the years 1874-1958 and gave a taste of the evolution of fashion.  I also enjoyed a sketch book of a troussou that was done by one of the designers.  It was in a hallway near the dressing room in the mansion.  Fashion seemed to be important to this family.

The gardens of the estate were fabulous and Louisa took this picture of me in the Japanese garden:
In this picture, I have a little green lapel pin proclaiming that I am "fabulous," which became our word of the day.  Of course, everyone there had one...they were the admission receipts!!!  Louisa and I loved being "fabulousized."  We also attended a talk about fan and handkerchief courtesies and the "contra" dances of 18th Century France.  We learned that "contra" referred to "country" dances.  We also had a nice lunch, with a chilled beet soup that was worth trying to make at home.

When we came home, it was a good time for me to get a demonstration from Griffin on his bicycling skills.  He's doing great!

Sunday, July 17

Before going to church on Sunday Griffin, his friend Griffith, Louisa and I went to a labyrinth in the DuPont Circle neighborhood.  It was very nice, but the boys aren't quite ready for contemplative walks.  After all, they are 7 and 8 years old.  Louisa and I both did it, though, and felt we would come back again  when there were less distractions.  The boys just ran around the courtyard area while we did it.   It is a permanent labyrinth in front of an Episcopalian Church.  The church has, unfortunately, been pretty much destroyed by arson....but they are going to rebuild.

After church, I went to the Phillips Collection by myself.  It was amazing, as always.  There was a special Kandinsky exhibit and also one on Frank Stella's sculptures inspired by Kandinsky.  I was also happy to see some "old friends" by Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, and the unforgettable "Luncheon of the Boating Party" by Renoir.  I was excited to see Matisse's "Interior With An Egyptian Curtain" because I am using a mug with that painting on it.

Dinner was at Franklin's with our friend Kat.  Another great day, and I am happy I decided to keep this blog....for me, as much as for any readers!

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