Wednesday, January 6, 2016

November 17, Anderson to Susanville

I got up early, had a nice breakfast with Sandy and Aunt Ardye and headed for Susanville to see another cousin, Becky.  The drive was beautiful.  It had recently snowed around Mt. Lassen, but the roads were clear.  The picture above shows how Susanville looks when you come in from the North.  When I got to Becky's house, we had some time to look at old family movies.  That was very nice.  Her mother was my mother's sister and we were close growing up as we were all in the Sacramento area.

Becky organized a family get-together at Matzatlan Restaurant where we were joined by Katie and her family and Matt and Marisa.  Everyone looked great.  We missed Travis and his family and also Bucky, but we had a great time eating Mexican food and catching up on news.  Here's a picture of Riley and Katie:

and one of Becky with Zachary:

It was fun that Becky got us together!

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