Thursday, January 7, 2016

November 20, Virginia's 91 birthday

November 20 was a big day.  There was a big, very nice party at the Cattle Rustler's Restaurant for Virginia's 91st birthday.  I was surprised when I saw one of my paintings there.  It is a painting I did of Virginia several years ago when she was a principle and Isador Cohen Elementary School.   She displays it in her home and I have made cards from it and also coasters.  Someone brought the painting in for the party and I was very honored to see it there.  The picture above is Virginia with it at the party.  Here's a better picture of the painting:

It was great and was attended by family and friends, including some who are also Isador Cohen retirees.

After the luncheon, we went to Virginia's house for an after-party.  That was fun, too.

I went back to Kathy's house and we had leftovers and just chatted.  I loved that.

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