Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sunday, November 22 Stinson Beach Mt Tamalpais, and a Memorial

I had told Sheryl that I needed to go to the Beach, so we set out for Stinson Beach.  I miss the West Coast beaches.  It was a lovely, sunny day and, even though it was a Sunday, not too crowded.  I took this great picture of Sheryl.  I think it captures how fun-loving and pretty she is.

I also took this sand shadow selfie, which is kind of interesting.  We walked up and down the beach and enjoyed the kids and dogs who seem to totally immerse themselves in enjoying the beach.

We went back by going up high on Mount Tamalpais, and paused for this great view, looking back to Stinson Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

We came back to Mill Valley in time for a memorial service for Maya Goodwin, who Sheryl knew through The Redwoods, where Maya lived.  It was a nice Buddhist service, with a Red Tara meditation at the beginning.  I was totally unfamiliar with Red Tara, but enjoyed the peacefulness of the repetition of the teachings.  After that, we enjoyed refreshments and looked at Maya's art.  Many of her paintings were displayed, and this was my favorite:

We then re-convened and everyone said something about their memories of this special woman. Since I didn't actually know her, I had to admit that I was meeting her through the friends and family present there.  It was interesting to know that she had been married to Sam Francis,a well-known abstract impressionist artist, and they lived in Paris.  I wonder if, in different times, her work might have been seen as important (or more important) as his.  It certainly is as least, to me.

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