Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wednesday, November 18

I left Susanville early, but not too early.  I was going to go over Donner Summit and I didn't want to go when it was icy.  No need to worry.  There was lots of snow, but the road was clear.  I stopped at the Summit rest stop and took this picture of a little lake that is behind the rest stop building.  It is on the wrong side of the highway to get a picture of Donner Lake.  It was pretty anyway, and so clear.

When I arrived in Sacramento, I did a couple of errands before going to my friend Kathy's apartment. She recently adopted a rescue cat, named Graziella, who I got to know during my visit.  She was shy at first, but eventually realized she could trust me.

Kathy thought Grazie was a male because of her tabby coloring.  Most tabbies are male.  However, when Kathy took Grazie to the vet, she found out she had a female cat.  Very nice and very pretty

Kathy made a great spaghetti dinner and we just caught up on news about each other and our families.  .  

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