Monday, January 11, 2016

November 24, Paso Robles

I decided that I would try to stay at Jenifer's little house rather than at the Best Western.  Jen had told me how to get in, but it didn't work.  I met Sally for lunch at Bib Bubba's Barbeque, which was right by the Best Western.  She looked great and I learned she was just getting ready to move to Wyoming.

 She had a lot to do, but felt like it she could help me get in Jen's place.  We were successful and so I went back and checked out of Best Western.  We had a big hug and she went back to her packing.

I went to the grocery store to get some food for dinner and a magazine.  At Jen's place, I worked on some little paintings and caught up on my e-mail.  Kind of a quiet day.

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