Monday, January 11, 2016

November 27, Avila Beach and Spectre

The day after Thanksgiving was a beautiful day and Jenifer had a beach she wanted to show us.  Jeff drove his new car and we set off for Avila.  It is a very charming beach town and wasn't too crowded.  We had a little trouble getting a parking space, but found one.  People were on the beach, but I think it was a little too cold for swimming.  Some young kids were chasing waves.

We walked out as far as we could on the pier and I took the picture above looking back at the town. I also took this nice picture of Erik and Jen on the beach walkway:

We stopped for a coffee and then headed to Templeton to go to a hamburger joint there and to see the new James Bond movie, "Spectre."   The tickets were pretty much sold out.  We got in, but didn't sit all together.  That was OK.

We went back to the house, snacked on leftovers, watched tv and I made a little painting of a silver creamer and sugar bowl.  There were silver pieces all over the house, and it gave it a kind of homey feel.  I wanted to leave it as a "thank you."  This is the painting:

It was done with an Elegant Writer, which I always enjoy.  It is a black pen, but when water is applied, it bleeds in a kind of unpredictable way.  I hope the owners enjoyed

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